Our Mission

Each and every human being is as unique as a puzzle piece, and we are all equally as needed just as we are in order to complete the final, beautiful picture. 
In fact, if we were shaped any differently, the puzzle would be unsolvable. 

We help children and young adults become the best versions of themselves, while teaching them how to cope with difficult emotions that every single one of us face when the inevitable disappointments of life occur. 
Behavior is communication.
We interpret the challenging behaviors that are being exhibited in terms of what the child is trying to communicate to those around them. We teach kids how to safely communicate their needs and wants to others and establish and maintain meaningful connections with their friends, families, and community members.
We're Here For You

Life is hard. We make getting started easy.

We know that as parents and guardians of these very special kiddos, that not only do you face stress and burnout from your work, but also you face extra challenges in managing doctors appointments, juggling various therapy appointments and hunting down doctors to obtain the necessary paperwork to continue these therapies, and helping your child being successful in school, at home, and in the community. 
We will guide you step by step, piece by piece, on your journey to obtaining life changing behavior therapy that will allow your child to be his or her best self, safely in all environments.
Serving Communities

 Our providers travel to Orange, Seminole, Volusia, and Osceola counties. 
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