We provide services in the home, school, and community environment. Each behavior plan is individualized for each of our children. We begin with a referral for ABA services, then begin the initial assessment process. During this process, an interview is conducted with the family and an observation of the child will occur. Based on skills assessments conducted in this initial assessment interview, a behavior intervention plan is designed to fit your child's specific needs and target key areas that may be points of struggle. Every behavior is an attempt to communicate. We aim to support the families of our children and teach them in the way that they learn best. 
Comprehensive Early Learning Programs
For young learners, Puzzly ABA will create robust programs that target a range of important behavioral and developmental skills. Our comprehensive programs rely on diverse behavior analytic teaching procedures to ensure that each target is not only learned in the moment but also maintained over time. Early comprehensive programs have been proven to increase cognitive, language and adaptive behavior skills.
Preschool Readiness Training Programs
Early learning skills such as attending and following instructions lay the foundation for a smooth transition into a preschool or kindergarten program. Using behavior analytic teaching techniques, we can help build the skills that your child will need to integrate into a variety of classroom settings. Through systematic programming, your child will learn the social, communication, play and adaptive behaviors expected in a classroom setting.
Parent / Caregiver Training
Parenting a child with high behavioral needs can add an extra challenge to a parent’s already demanding schedule. Through focused parent meetings we can help you learn strategies to address your child’s challenging behaviors and create opportunities to help develop your child’s communication. We are here to empower you to create the change you want to see in your child.
Adaptive Skills
Building independence in daily living routines is an important milestone for all children. We can work with you to help your child reach these goals through systematic teaching procedures. Depending on your child’s age we can create programs for toilet training, homework habits or completing other daily living skills.
Play & Social Skills
Developing meaningful relationships and learning through play is an important part of any child’s development. For some children, playing appropriately both by themselves and with others can be difficult. Approaching play and social skills through fun and creative structured teaching opportunities helps children not only learn the necessary skills but also come to enjoy activities that they may have once seen as work.
Picky Eating / Food Refusal
Children who are picky eaters may eat only a limited number of foods, eat foods only from certain places, show preferences for certain textures or only eat when food is presented in a particular way (e.g., on a certain plate). Our picky eating program is designed to change your child’s relationship with food by introducing foods in slow and systematic steps that ultimately result in your child eating a larger variety of foods. Through our program we will also work with you to create positive mealtime routines that facilitate an enjoyable mealtime experience for the whole family.
Community / School Support
At Puzzly ABA we understand the importance of providing services in the location where your child is having difficulty. We can schedule community outings with your family to help support your child’s behavior in restaurants, malls, parks or other community locations where challenging behaviors are likely to occur. These outings are also a great way to practice skills that your child has learned in therapy in more naturalistic environments. We will also work with your child’s school to provide services throughout the school day, if this is an area of need.
Other Services
Early intervention
Learning (academic) skills/pre-school readiness
Early learning skills (i.e. paying attention or following directions)
Gesture development
Play skills
Parent training
Parent advocacy
Toilet training
Self-help skills
Fine/gross motor skills
Daily living skills
Picky eating/food refusal program
Community support
School shadowing
Professional training
Care coordination
Remote services (Telehealth)
Caretaker training
Social skills
Skill development
Reduction of repetitive behaviors

Populations We Serve
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
Asperger’s syndrome
Down syndrome
Developmental delays
Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)
Attention deficit disorder (ADD)
Attention-deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
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